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Registrar’s Report of Registration.

To the Concerned Parties Clients. Directors and Shareholders
Cortec Corporation
St. Paul, MN.

We (BBVQI (N.A.). Inc.) have audited the Quality Management system of Cortec Corporation as of October 28, 1997 in accordance with The Quality Management System Standard ISO 9001, and are pleased to announce the successful renewal of Cortec Corporation´s quality system registration.

The renewal audit was conducted in accordance with The International Satnadard ISO 9001.
This Stándar requires a thorough sampling of a suppliers Quality Management System, and the end result provides assurance that the Quality Management System is in compliace with the Standard and stated procedures. An audit includes examining, on a sampling basis, evidence suppoting the existence of a documented and implemented system against "The Standard". Our audit consisted principally of inquiries of company personnel and procedures applied to the company’s stated Quality Management Ssystem. Based on our audit, we are not aware of any non-conformance to the applicacable Standard prohibiting the continuance of this Quality ManagementSystem registration.

In our opinion, the Quality Management System of Cortec Corporation maintains its status of compliace with the standard and we hereby certify that system be renewed to ISO 9001.

Burcae Veritas Quality International (NA) Inc.

November 11. 1997



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